The Disadvantages of Using Essay Writing Service

Students stress themselves out in writing academic papers and dissertations. Most of these students are already stressed enough from attending lectures and doing everlasting term papers. This is the reason why students require some help from essay writing service providers. But are there any disadvantages to use an essay-writing service?

We will find out in this article some of these disadvantages. We will also answer whether or not itís indeed reasonable and value-for-money to buy the services offered by these websites.


Students are always on a tight budget, and it can be hard to find an expert assistant in essay writing that can fit their budget. For example, you may find in many of my assignment help reviews today that the more reliable the essay writing service is, the higher the charge would be per word.

Consultancy or assistance in essay writing requires a lot of hard-earned experience. This means that to get really high-quality assistance, students have to pay a lot. And money is not something a student has plenty of.

Ethical Consideration

You can find feedback and criticisms from essay pro review websites and forums related to essayshark reviews on how an essay writing service can be unethical. This is because students are arguably no longer writing the essays themselves.

This argument may be false, since many top writing services today offer guidance and assistance in writing essays well, and they donít necessarily write the essays themselves. Guidance is what is provided by the writing service. If students follow all the advice, they will be able to cope with their papers and boost grades.

Make Students Lazy

The essay writing services review websites today will remind us that thereís a tendency of these writing websites to provoke laziness. Students seem to outsource the actual writing of their essays to professional writers, instead of using the writing service simply as a guide and a tutoring service to help college students how to write a more structured essay.

Less Time Reading

Academic papers are assigned by professors because this makes students read more. Reading is key in a studentís complete path to getting a fully educated life, and thatís something that may be missed if you order assignments from essay writing services.

Getting assistance from an essay writing provider will lower the amount of time students usually spend on reading. Some students can use that spare time doing things that are contrary to becoming a virtuous student. In short, the writing companies discourage the reading culture. Reading is vital for education, and thatís an unconditional requirement for all college students to follow.

Grammar Mistakes

Writing service providers are hiring writers of different nationalities. This means that the writers who are doing your work could be from a country whose first language is not English. This means that their grammar is not always perfect and polished. More than that, the vocabulary of ESL writers differs from the one, native speakers have. It can be hard to get a unique and well-structured essay if the writer you hired to help you doesnít have the same level of knowledge that you have. This is a big disadvantage and can be a problem if you want to receive an ideally written assignment.

Professors are also most likely to know if it was you who wrote the essay yourself or you hired someone to do it for you.

Sometimes itís actually easier and less risky to write the paper yourself, but if you really need to boost your creative writing skills, an essay writing service could be your fix.