Why essay writing is boring

What Makes Essay Writing So Boring and How to Cheer You Up
In college, students face the challenge of writing academic papers every day: this assignment type is probably the most popular in the curriculum. You have papers in Psychology, History, and the whole number of other subjects with tight deadlines, specific requirements, and boring topics. There is no wonder that students just become bored and don`t strive to provide any creativity preferring just to get rid of these tasks asking a writing service, «Can you write my paper for me?». Even though you can always rely on speedy paper discount code ordering another academic paper, there is a high chance to spend all your cash, so you need to fight this boredom and try to deliver your papers.

Reasons for getting bored and possible solutions

Yes, academic writing is not the lollipop, and even if it was, such a great number of lollipops could make anyone run away. Academic papers have their own original structure, rules of writing, and formatting to be matched, which makes the task more complicated. Some of them may be fine (if you can choose the topic), but some are so tricky, or too long, or too boring. By the way, professors that need to read all these texts are become as bored as students and even more so at least 1% more interesting essay can attract their attention and win you a higher grade.
Academic writing is based on science and research, and it isn`t aimed to be entertaining. But as it follows a student throughout all their college years, you need to get rid of the urge to order a paper from a writing service and just try to overcome your boredom with some simple tips:
1. Add some entertainment
It still should be a serious, research-based academic paper, but you can add there some relevant citations, provide a real-life example (it always works), give your own suggestions, or even put in a joke to set the right mood and cheer up the readers. Serious work is not equal to boring; you just need to balance the facts and catchy details. Adding a funny line every now and then can greatly improve the reader`s attitude to the text;
2. Give more descriptions
This works well if this is a descriptive or narrative essay, but other types can also be complemented with good descriptions (which is good for the text perception and general word count). However, don`t be too wordy: it is still an academic work, and it should be treated seriously with solid facts and arguments;
3. Take breaks when writing
Sitting long hours over one paper will definitely get you bored and exhausted. Stand up, have a walk, listen to music, drink some coffee, and get back to work. You will 100% come up with fresh ideas that will diversify the dry text and make it more interesting;
4. Divide your paper into digestible parts
If you have a 10-page long essay, you will lose your motivation and desire to work at once. Divide it into small parts and take breaks after completing each of them. This way the work will not look so boring and difficult;
5. Make it a game or a challenge
Imagine that you are playing a game, and achieving the next level, you need to complete an essay. The more interesting it is, the more scores you get. Taking such challenges as 500 words in 60 minutes or using unusual words can motivate you to cope with writing faster and more efficiently.